Flower facts about gladiolus blooms

Gladiolus blooms are a wonder to behold. They are impressive in every way and they can be used in a variety of arrangements. Here are some interesting flower facts about these blooms that will help you make the most of them and understand better how to work with these cut stems.

A grand name

One of the most interesting flower facts about gladiolus blooms is where they get their name. The Greek word, xiphos means sword and, due to the shape of the flower stem, they are known as xiphium. Commonly they are also referred to as a sword lily. There are 260 species of gladiolus flowers but only 10 of these are native to Europe and Asia. The rest of them are native to Africa, South Africa to be exact.

Impressive stems

Whenever you are looking for flowers with long stems, you should consider gladiolus. One of the most obvious flower facts about these blooms is that they have very tall stems and they are also available in various colours such as purple, red, pink, white and yellow. They also have a lovely scent which will easily fill a room.

Protect your skin

One of the flower facts that most people are not familiar with is that some parts of these flowers are poisonous. This means that, contact can result in skin irritations. For this reason, always handle these flowers while wearing gloves and keep them away from pets and children.

Birthday blooms

Each month is associated with a different flower and the gladiolus is associated with the month of August. So, if you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday during this month, you should consider including these blooms in the bouquet.

Cultivation tips

If you are planning on growing these plants in your garden, one of the most important flower facts to remember is that they can be vulnerable to leaf spots and dry rot as well as gladioli thrip. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your plants, you should check with your local nursery about any pesticides or fungicides to treat the issue.

These flower facts will not only help you tend to your gladiolus bouquet but also grow them in your garden if you wish. Just like any other cut flowers, you should make sure that you provide them with fresh water regularly and you should trim the stems from time to time in addition to this.