Fresh flowers and milk bottle arranging tips

When you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers or when you pick some stems from your garden, you want to make them look their best. This means that you need just the right vase in which to display them. If you don’t have a vase on hand but you have a milk bottle, you can create a stunning flower arrangement.

You will need:

  • Red roses
  • Pink roses
  • Pink alstroemeria
  • Light pink spray roses
  • Foliage
  • Milk bottle


  • Before you begin arranging your fresh flowers, you will need to prepare your vase. Keep the stems in fresh water while you clean your milk bottle vase.
  • Add fresh water to the vase as well as flower preservative.
  • Start with some foliage and trim the stems according to the height of the bottle. Arrange a few stems around the rim of the bottle.
  • Move on to your pink roses and add them one by one. Again, you will need to trim each stem at an angle before adding it to the vase.
  • Next you can add your red roses and alstroemeria. Taller stems should be placed in the centre of the arrangement since they will give it beautiful height.
  • Once you are all done, you can finish the arrangement off by adding spray roses.

The best part about these milk bottle arrangements is the fact that they don’t require many stems to make a great impression. In fact, you could order a bouquet of fresh flowers and create multiple arrangements with these blooms and foliage. You can even make some shorter arrangements so that they can be arranged along with your milk bottle bouquet in the form of a tablescape. Another great part about displaying blooms in a milk bottle is that they do not take up much space and they can be displayed just about anywhere in your home.