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Essential tips for arranging fresh roses
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When you receive a bouquet of fresh roses, you want to make sure that they look their best once arranged in a vase. The good news is that you can create a gorgeous display by following these three simple steps.

Prepare the vase

Before you begin, you should place your fresh roses in some clean water. This is just so that they do not become dehydrated while you get the vase ready. Wash the vase thoroughly before adding water and some flower preservative. Make sure that you mix the flower food with the appropriate amount of water as per the package instructions.

Clean each stem

Now you need to take each stem and remove any foliage that may end up in the water. When leaves rest in the vase water, it encourages the growth of bacteria. So, even if you add a flower preservative, you will still notice that your fresh roses will perish sooner than they should.


Now for the fun part! Time to arrange those beautiful fresh roses and foliage to perfection. Each stem will need to be trimmed according to the height of the vase. Start with some foliage and arrange several stems around the edge of the vase to create a kind of foundation for your design. Rest each stem at an angle rather than upright. The way that these stems crisscross will help support the rose stems. Add your roses and space them out as evenly as possible. Now add some filler flowers like baby’s breath and some more foliage here and there to complete your design.

Don’t forget to place your fresh roses in the right spot so that they are not affected by heaters, air conditioners or direct sunlight. Change the water every couple of days and add more flower preservative when you do. Trim the stems of the flowers and foliage if you notice that they become slimy. This texture indicates bacterial growth which will cause the flowers to perish prematurely. If you notice any dead or dying stems, remove them right away. Keep your flowers away from fresh fruit since various types of fruit release a gas that can cause them to perish rapidly.

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