How ordering flowers online helps save you money

Although we might not like to admit it when we talk about gift shopping, we all jump at the opportunity to save money.  As much as we don’t want people to think that we are cheap or unwilling to spend a small fortune on them, we also cannot afford to fork out half of our salaries on a single present.  There are a number of annual occasions each year that almost require us to buy fresh flowers.  Just think of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day for starters!  The good news when it comes to flowers is that they need not cost as much as you think.  The next time you’re in the market for a beautiful bouquet, do yourself and your budget a favour by shopping for flowers online and keeping these tips in mind:

Coupons and Discounts:

Every online florist should have some kind of coupon or discount campaign.  The trick is to look at the discount and calculate your final spend.  Don’t be too easily convinced by “big” savings.  You might get less of a saving elsewhere but the final spend could still be less than a supposed larger discount.

Flower Delivery:

You also need to take the cost of delivery into account when choosing an online florist.  Some florists offer cheap or free flower delivery but the prices of their bouquets are outrageous, to say the least.  In many cases, a florist that charges for delivery could still prove cheaper than one offering free delivery.  As mentioned in the previous point, check the final figure before processing your order!

Become a regular:

Many online florists reward their regular customers with some additional discounts.  When  you place your flower order online, make sure that you register on their website and log into your account each time you want to place an order.  Keep yourself in the know by subscribing to their newsletter and you will be privy to upcoming sales and events!

Choose something different:

Red roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers.  That said, it has become something of a cliché and red roses tend to get really expensive at this time of year.  Instead, why not send something else like a bouquet of red carnations, tulips or even a pink bouquet?

Seasonal Flowers:

When flowers are in season, they are abundantly available (much like fruit and vegetables).  This is why it is so important to look for seasonal flowers when shopping for that perfect bouquet.  These cheap flowers will save you money without making you come across as unwilling to spend your hard earned money! 

Sales and promotions:

Each online florist should have a section dedicated to discounted bouquets, sales and special offers.  These are some of the cheapest flowers you will find on their website and are worth browsing through.  Think of it like the bargain bin at your favourite shop.

Less is more:

There really is no need to decorate their entire living room with fresh flowers.  In many cases, the simple bouquets have a way of proving far more elegant and meaningful.  Plus they won’t cost a fortune! 

Time is Money:

In our express style lives, everything needs to be done in an instant.  Despite the fact that we now have countless devices designed to help us save time, we seem to have less time than ever before!  This is exactly why online shopping had become so popular.  Instead of racing from shop to shop, you can go about your daily business and do your shopping at an hour that suits you best.  Online florists are always open so, if you can only shop late at night, then this is the ideal solution!