Flower unseen for years finally located at Dollar Glen

Clusters of an exceptionally rare flower has been spotted in the woods at Dollar Glen in Scotland.

The tootwort flowers is an incredibly rare parasite flower and was accidentally found by the National Trust for Scotland. Its been almost 15 years since the flower was last seen near Linlithgow.Unlike most flowers, what makes this flower so unique is that it does not have any chlorophyll and feeds only from hazel and elm roots. It is a beautiful flower and had only ever really been enjoyed through photographs.

The breakthrough has been described as an exciting one by conservation adviser, Lindsay Mackinlay. She has advised that they are now doing their very best to conserve this plant and will make every effort to make your that it does not disappear again. The trust has spent many years looking for this particular flower, with no luck on previous attempts to locate it. There searches focus on areas that have favourable conditions for the tootwort flower. It was only by accident that the Trust was lucky enough to come across the flower. Part of the National Trust for Scotland is to preserve and conserve the natural habitats in Scotland. This means looking after the flowers that are the rarest flowers in Scotland.