How to arrange hydrangeas easily

Hydrangeas are one of the easiest flowers to use in flower arranging. They are hardy and versatile. While many people think that they are large flowers, they are actually little flowers all clustered together on a single stem. As you take a closer look, you notice just how impressive they are! If you are wondering how you can arrange hydrangeas, there are a few options to consider.

Simply hydrangeas

A simple hydrangea bouquet will include nothing but hydrangeas. The only thing you need to do is find a suitable vessel and pick the number of stems you need to fill it. Remember, you might want to criss-cross the stems over one another so that the bouquet has a lovely rounded shape. Place your middle flower or flowers in at the end to complete the design. Remember to leave some higher leaves on the stems so that your arrangement is not completely void of foliage.

Superb centrepiece

You can arrange hydrangeas along with other blooms to create a lovely centrepiece. To do this, you will need white hydrangeas, pink alstromeria and dark pink roses. Use floral foam for this arrangement since it will keep everything nicely in place. Soak the foam and place it inside a short cylindrical-shaped vase. Surround the foam with hydrangea leaves to conceal it. Now start adding your flowers and alternate between them so that you create a balanced display. The upper leaves of the hydrangeas will pierce the spaces between the blooms and offset all that pink and white with some lovely dark green.

Elegant and subtle

If you don’t want something too bright, you can create an arrangement that includes white hydrangeas, green hydrangeas and white roses. The size of the display that you create will depend on the size of the vase. There are many sizes from which to choose just make sure that your vase is large enough to accommodate several stems. Like the centrepiece arrangement, you should alternate between the various floral elements when you arrange hydrangeas in this way. A slight variation on this display includes the addition of some darker pastel pink roses. You can ‘dot’ them in here and there to create a warm contrast in this display. If you do, you will no longer need your white roses or, at least, you can use fewer white roses.

Pretty peonies

Peonies look stunning when paired with hydrangeas and this display is so simple too. You will need a few peonies and some green hydrangeas. Choose two shades of pink for your peonies – light and dark. Now create a little cluster that includes a few hydrangea stems a light pink peony and two darker pink peonies. Place them in a suitable vase and you’re all set!

These are just some of the easiest ways in which anyone can arrange hydrangeas. So, if you have some growing in your garden, you can always use them to brighten your home and even take them to your office if you like.