Choosing the perfect birthday flower combo

Fresh flowers are always a great choice for birthdays. Of course, if you want to spoil the birthday girl or boy even more, you can opt for a birthday flower combo instead. Combos include a fresh bouquet along with one or more gift items.


Birthday balloons are a great addition to any bright bouquet. Balloons come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The best, of course, being a helium-filled balloon with Happy Birthday printed on it. Look for high-quality balloons rather than the regular rubber variety. These balloons will last several days and they can even be re-inflated if the recipient wants to enjoy theirs just a bit longer!

Teddy Bear

A cute and cuddly teddy bear is a wonderful addition to any birthday gift. Not only do they tell the recipient how much you care, but they can also last a lifetime! A good quality teddy bear is so much more than just a stuffed toy. It’s a memento from you and they will think of you every time they see or hold their fluffy bear.


Nothing makes you want to celebrate more than a luxurious bottle of bubbly! Send some sparkles along with your flower arrangement and you can be sure that the birthday girl or boy will be ever so eager to pop that cork!


If you know that the recipient has a sweet tooth, then chocolates are the way to go. Add a box of luxury chocs to your flower order and don’t forget to include a sweet birthday message too!

Birthday Cake

Florists often offer birthday cake as an optional extra. These cakes are made and decorated to perfection so you can be sure that the recipient will feel pampered and loved!

Florists often offer birthday flower combos that include flowers and at least one of the items mentioned above. In many cases, these combo gifts will include more than one extra gift. Of course, if you want to add to your order, that’s another possibility. For example, if the combo you want to order includes flowers, a teddy bear, and a bottle of bubbly, you could add some chocolates, a birthday cake, or a birthday balloon for good measure. Don’t forget about adding a vase to your order if you want to make sure that the recipient can put their flowers on display right away!