Flower arrangements and how they have changed

A hundred years ago, flower arrangements looked totally different from the ones we know and love today. Fresh blooms were more loosely arranged rather than choosing precise spots for each stem. Taller flowers were normally placed in the middle while shorter ones around the rim of the vase. In addition, vases were not like those we know today. Household items like jugs and watering cans made a suitable vase back in those days.

Changing fashions

Over time the styles of flower arrangements changed. They started becoming far more sophisticated. Vertical bouquets were the top choice back in the day but, today, there are so many different shapes from which to choose. These include horizontal, round, fan-shaped displays and so much more! There has also been a distinct shift in terms of how flowers are positioned. Focal flowers take centre stage while mass flowers give the bouquet body and fillers ensure that there are no gaps in between. Colours and colour combinations are carefully selected rather than simply tossing any and all flowers together in a vase.

Container types

Just like flower arrangements themselves, containers have also come a long way. Vases tend to change along with the current fashion trends. For example, you can clearly tell that a vase was made during the Victorian era just by looking at the delicate artwork. These days, modern vases and simple glass vases are the most popular of all. People have also become that much more aware of the importance of choosing the right size vase. For instance, the longer the stems, the taller the vase needs to be.

Arrangement shapes

As briefly mentioned above, flower arrangements now come in all sorts of shapes. It’s no longer a matter of simply slipping cut flowers in a holder with water. Flowers are carefully selected and arranged to create a specific shape and flow of lines. Linear, oval and horizontal floral displays are some of the most popular. Themed bouquets are also enjoying fantastic popularity. Flowers can be arranged to spell out words, create figures like snowmen and they can even be used to decorate cakes. Modern florists have opened our eyes to some of the most amazing uses for flowers.

If you don’t yet believe just how much flower arrangements have changed over the years, all you need to do is run a search for flowers online. Search for bouquets that were used in homes back in the early 1900s compared to those you see at your local or online florist.