Wonderful winter flowers

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then you are preparing for the colder part of the year right about now. As for those in the south, summer is on the way and the weather is cheering up nicely. Since the weather differs so much between hemispheres, it’s important to keep the seasons in mind when ordering international flowers in particular.

In the northern hemisphere, as Christmas arrives, it’s important to remember that there are flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations available. If you want to add some festive flare, you can add some holly berries. When it comes to holiday décor, many people enjoy decorating several areas of their home. All the more reason to plan ahead and get started early. Usually Christmas decorations are up within the first week of December and they are usually on display until we welcome the New Year.

Gerbera daisies and proteas along with certain types of lilies are available during the winter. For anyone who prefers potted plants, poinsettias are extemely popular around this time of year. If you have poinsettias in your garden, you can pluck a few stems and use them to make amazing festive bouquets. You can add some extra Christmas decorations to your bouquet if you like. Even just one well-placed festive decoration on a pick can set the tone for the arrangement.

No matter the kinds of flowers you decide to use for your winter flower arrangement, it’s most important to focus on flower colours. Summer bouquets are usually made up of bold and bright colours while spring flowers are usually pastel shades. When it comes to winter, however, the colours of choice are often red, white, and green. Even after the festive season, you can still display red and green or white and green bouquets.

If you plan on hosting an elegant Christmas dinner, you will need a flower display to suit the occasion. In this case, it might be best to opt for flowers like roses and lilies. If you choose colourful flowers, you can add some small white filler flowers to really make them stand out. Go easy on the Christmas accessories if you want to keep the bouquet elegant. Instead, you could wrap a stylish ribbon around the vase. The best news of all is that your florist will usually stock quite a wide variety of flowers even when they aren’t in season.