Let your college kids know that you’re thinking of them

No matter how old your children get, parents always think of them as their babies. Looking at their mature child’s face, they remember those first moments after bringing their baby into the world and every milestone thereafter. When your child leaves to further their studies, it might mean that they will have to move to the other side of town or even the other side of the country. Even if they don’t admit that they miss you, they will always appreciate some reassurance on your part.

Fresh flowers offer a number of benefits. Flowers are known for their positive effect on the mind. Not only do they make the recipient feel happier, but they also help relieve stress. Since college and university can be extremely stressful, flowers can help them through that initial adjustment period and other difficult times like exams.

You can take it a step further and add a box of chocolates to your flower order. Chocolate is often seen as nothing more than a sweet treat but it also offers a number of benefits. Apart from the pleasure of tucking into a box of luxury chocolates, they can also help improve the mood when consumed in moderation. Chocolate has several health benefits which is why we should never feel guilty when devouring a couple of good bites.

You could also send your child a family portrait for them to keep in their room. If you are concerned about possibly embarrassing them, you could send a wallet size photo or email them the picture instead. This way you can be sure that you won’t step on any toes!

One of the main concerns for parents is whether or not their kids are properly fed. It’s a good idea to either have a care package of nutritional non-perishable items sent. Alternatively, you can send some vouchers for them to use at their nearest grocery store.

Finally, if possible, it’s good to have your gifts delivered rather than making the delivery yourself. It’s good to give your children, who are now young adults, the space they need to become truly independent.