Artificial flower care and cleaning tips

When we send flowers to friends and family, we tend to opt for fresh flowers over artificial blooms. Many people find that silk bouquets collect too much dust and are difficult to clean. What you may not know is that there are a few ways to clean artificial flower arrangements. Which method you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences, your budget, how much time you have available, the type of flowers you have, and how delicate they are. While some methods cost more, they’re the best way to preserve a hand painted bouquet, so keep that in mind.

Easy techniques (not always effective)

  • Dusting is cheap, but it doesn’t guarantee that all the dust will be removed from your artificial flower arrangement. Also, the dust will be released into the air and will simply fall on the flowers and other places in the house. This is not an ideal option if you suffer from dust allergies. Using a hair dryer to dust flowers will cost you some electricity, but like your comforter, it will also blow dust around the room instead of collecting it.

  • Slip a thin sock or stocking over the end of the vacuum cleaner and use it to vacuum the dust from the flowers. You will use electricity but there are no other charges. Unlike the previous two options, dust is collected rather than dispersed around the room. On the downside, you may not be able to clean hard-to-reach spots.

  • You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe the flowers. This means you won’t be spending any money and will be picking up dust effectively. However, it will be a very time consuming task.

More expensive methods

  • Silk flower cleaning spray can be quite expensive, but it’s a quick fix. There have been some reviews indicating, however, that this spray is not 100% effective. Some of the powder can get stuck and seal itself in the fabric.

  • Compressed air is similar to a hair dryer, but a little more powerful. Be careful though, as the sudden rush of air can damage the delicate artificial flower petals.

Effective methods that don’t cost an arm and a leg

  • The dry cleaning method is quite effective when it comes to cleaning your artificial flower arrangement. All you have to do is fill a bag with half a cup of salt or cornmeal. Add the flower, close and shake for a few minutes. Keep mixing until you get the desired result.

  • You can also use a spray bottle with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water. Place a sheet of newspaper under the arrangement and lightly spray with the mixture. Remember to test the mixture on one or two petals before spraying the entire bouquet. You don’t want the colours to run.

  • The wet cleaning method involves filling the sink with water, adding dish soap, and running one stem at a time under the water. Wiggle the stem slightly so that it gets completely wet. Gently scrub the areas where you see dirt. When the flower is clean, remove it from the water and dry it with a soft cloth or towel. Although this method takes the most time of all, it is the most effective.

If your artificial flower bouquets have already been sitting around your home for years and are already in terrible shape, then it might be time to throw them away and buy new ones. While artificial blooms don’t need to be replaced as often as fresh flowers, you have to remember that sooner or later they will need to be replaced.