Winter flowers for your wedding

A winter wedding is a beautiful affair. This chilly season might not seem as abundant in colour, but there’s plenty of natural beauty out there. The key is to choose a theme and a colour scheme to match. Once you have your inspiration, let your florist do the rest!

For a rustic theme in winter, you can create a stunning display using white ranunculus, lotus pods, and dried artichokes. By adding ribbons and spray painting various accessories, you will enhance this theme even further.

As for a highly textured bouquet, you can use some semi-cactus dahlias. They are available in several colours including white and deep red. They are available in pastel shades too, which means that you can make just about any coloured bouquet you like! Add some arrowwood vibernum berries for colour constrast and a change of texture as well as dusty miller for your foliage.

Brighter themed winter weddings are not just for summer. You can brighten things up in winter too. By using white chrysanthemums, you are embracing the beauty of winter. Add bright pink stock flowers and even a variety of roses to the bouquet for some variety in colour and texture. Remember to add roses of different colours including peach, dark pink, and everything in between. Finish off with some silver dollar eucalyptus as your foliage.

A more understated theme can also prove lovely during these months. Use garden roses of various colours like off white, dusty pink, and an almost copper shade of orange for a wonderful range of soft, natural shades with just the right amount of highlights. Seeded eucalyptus will add some variety in terms of texture and you can use myrtle to complete the bouquet.

If you would like something particularly feminine, you should opt for purple or pink hydrangeas paird with pink cockscomb and astilbe. A touch of foliage will also be welcome and you can even add a rose here and there if you like.

Choosing your wedding flowers is very much a personal decision. It’s important to make sure that you choose flowers and colours that you love. Contact your florist in advance to make sure that they will have the necessary flowers in stock and don’t forget to ask about substitute flowers should certain blooms not be available.