Extravagant floral designs

Florists around the world are most commonly asked too provide average-sized flower arrangements. Every so often, however, they receive some more challenging designs. Larger, more extravagant flower arrangements can set the tone for any event and, the best part of all is that flowers can be used to make any design you like!

For example, if you want to up the cute factor, you can have your florist arrange flowers in the shape of your favourite pet. They will need to use the right types of flowers and the most appropriate colours too. If you have a white poodle, for example, you should choose some white flowers to be arranged in floral foam. The foam will need to be cut into various parts of the animal and then pieced together. This will create the perfect base for your flowers so that you get the shape just right! Floral wire can be used to hold everything together. Examples of good flowers to use include carnations, chrysanthemums (and other small daisy-like flowers), and even hydrangeas.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot find flowers in a particular colour (like black), you can always dye or spray paint them in the shade you require. It’s also good to note that you can choose between fresh flowers and artificial flowers. If you use silk flowers, you won’t need to soak the floral foam in water which means that it will be lighter and it will last even longer without worrying about any of the blooms wilting.

Apart from animals, flower arrangements can also be used to create a number of other shapes and designs. Depending on the size of the event and the theme, you can really go all out. Of course, the bigger the arrangement, the more it will cost since more flowers and more work is involved.

In some cases, designs require more than the support of a piece of floral foam. Take a flower swan design for example. The wings need to be designed in such a way that they are thin yet stable. Wire mesh can come in really handy in this instance. Another possible complication comes into play when the arrangement needs to be moved from the flower shop to the venue. All the more reason to hire a reputable and professional floral expert to take care of everything from arranging to flower delivery.

You can even take an otherwise fairly ordinary arrangement, like a bouquet set in a large, tall vase, and cover the vase itself in petals. This way, instead of the usual view of the stems resting in water, your guests will have something more colourful to enjoy!

When looking for elaborate arrangements that will have that WOW factor, do yourself a favour and look for flowers online. Take these ideas to your favourite florist and feel free to ask them for their input and ideas.