The best accents for Mother’s Day flower arrangements

Whether you are planning on ordering Mother’s Day flowers from your favourite florist or you want to make a bouquet yourself, you can be sure that accents will always make a bouquet even more special. If you want to find the best accents for a Mother’s Day bouquet, here are some fun ideas.

Flower Picks

Flower picks come in all shapes and sizes. They are suitable for a wide variety of occasions and they really help support the theme of the bouquet. Even if you order a bouquet from your florist, you can always add a special pick if you like. Consider a flower pick that reads “Mum”, or perhaps a heart, butterfly, or whatever you think mum will like.

Fun Beads

Beads come in various colours, sizes, and shapes. You need only choose the right colour to suit that of the flowers. Remember, you don’t need too many beads to make your arrangement sparkle. In fact, less really is more. You can also choose a single colour or you could combine two colours for some great contrast.


Flowers and chocolates go really well together which is why it’s a great idea to consider adding chocolates as accents. Choose small, individually wrapped chocolates, attach them to wooden picks and add to the bouquet. Alternatively, you can use small, individually wrapped chocolates and set them in the middle of each flower. Use some floral wire to secure the chocolates.

Something Personal

If you want to add something special and personal, you could add a photo of yourself and your mother to the bouquet. Have the photo printed, perhaps laminate, and then secure with a pick.