Cut roses and how long they should last

When sending cut roses, you want to make sure that the recipient will be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. This is why so many people wonder just how long roses last once they are cut from the plant. Since you will not receive these flowers right away, you can expect them to have been cut several days (at least) prior. Here’s what you need to know about rose care and how long your blooms should last.

Factors to consider

First things first, you need to understand that there are a number of factors that will influence how long your cut roses last. The type of rose, for starters, is a major determining factor. Not all roses are the same. Some last longer than others so take some time to do a little research. It also depends on how long they went without water after they were cut. The general health of the plant will also determine how long the cut flowers last.

Without water

Fresh cut roses, like any other flower, need water in order to prevent them from wilting and dying prematurely. Roses can last for several hours without water and you will not even notice a petal out of place. If you need to keep your roses out of water for an extended period of time, make sure that they are properly hydrated before you do. This means that you should keep them in water until the last minute. It’s also important to trim the stems before placing them in water. This will make it easier for them to absorb plenty of water.

Rose petals

If you want to use rose petals to decorate your dinner table or as confetti, you want them to be fresh. Remove the petals from the cut roses as late as possible to ensure that they don’t dry out. You can usually keep them for up to three days once they are removed from the flower. You can keep them fresher by placing them in your fridge.

Cut rose care

Your bouquet of cut roses should last at least one week before they start to show signs of decline. Proper rose care will help extend the life of your flowers too. When you receive the bouquet, remove the packaging right away and place them in fresh water. Prepare your vase and make sure that it is clean. Add water and floral preserve. Trim each stem and remove the lower leaves before placing your roses in the vase. Top up the water as needed and replace it completely every two to three days. Inspect the stems and, if you notice a slimy texture, give them a trim.

By taking proper care of your cut roses, you really can get the most of them. Once they wilt, you can still harvest the petals, dry them out and use them to create potpourri. Alternatively, you can press the petals to use in various floral crafts.