Winter blooming plants and fresh flowers

During the cold weather, the scenery outside can become rather dull. The trees have lost their leaves and the ground is no longer lush and green. Even if there is a fresh coat of snow everywhere, there is a noticeable lack of warmth and colour. Which is all the more reason to brighten your home with winter flowers during these months.

If you are in search of flowers that are available during January and February, you will be happy to know that there are a number of options from which to choose. When planing your garden, for starters, you should select plants that bloom during different seasons. This way, your garden will always have colour to offer. In addition, you should look for evergreens so that you aren’t stuck without foliage all winter either.

One of the hardiest of flowers is the pansie. If you plant them in a sunny part of your garden, you can expect them to bloom even in the winter months. They need well-drained soil if you want them to thrive. Winter jasmine is also a hardy plant and they normally appear during February when the weather is coldest. It is a vine which means that it is perfect for decorating arches or even as a kind of ground covering.

Winter honeysuckle has an amazing smell. It will bloom just before spring arrives. Many people love to plant honeysuckle near windows and doors so that the wonderful scent fills your home. The snowdrop variety blooms in January and these flowers look as white as snow.

Another plant that can handle the cold is winterberry holly. It is deciduous and enjoys properly drained soil. The leaves fall in the autumn but the plant is soon covered with red berries. Birds love these berries which means that you will attract more life to your garden and you will enjoy the colour too. If you are looking for a plant that blooms without too much care, then the Persian cyclamen is your best bet. They are best as potted plants and they can be displayed in your home or patio.

These are some of the top winter plants to make your home and garden a natural haven for yourself, your guests, and the local wildlife that sticks around in the winter too.