Colourful blooms to lift their spirits

Whether you know somebody who is feeling the effects of the winter blues or they are under the weather, you should definitely consider sending them some colourful blooms. Here are some great ideas for flowers you can send to lift their spirits.

Warm colours

Examples of warm colours include red, orange and yellow. Warm colours have a wonderful way of making the room feel warmer and they also have a fantastic positive effect on the mind as well. Some of the best colourful blooms you can send include sunflowers, roses and lilies, depending on availability.

Cool colours

Examples of cool colours include blue and green. Fresh flowers all have some amount of foliage which means that the main focus is to look for blue flowers. They are not always easy to find but certain orchids are available in blue since they are artificially dyed. You can also opt for a bouquet of white flowers, like lilies, and pair them with some blue accessories rather than blue flowers. White might not be the first option to come to mind when thinking of colourful blooms, but it can also have a very calming and soothing effect. Cool colours help provide the recipient with the perfect healing environment.

Beautiful blends

There is something about rainbow colours that makes everyone smile. So, if you are not set on warm or cool colours, why choose? You can send the most colourful blooms of all – a rainbow-inspired bouquet! Rainbow-dyed blooms can be brightly-coloured or, if you prefer, you could choose pastel shades. Bright colours are energizing while pastels are calming.

Remember, when sending colourful blooms to cheer somebody up, you might like to include something extra like balloons or a cuddly bear. You should also take some time to write a special message to the recipient. Your words will make your floral gift that much more meaningful and brighten their day even more.