Poinsettia plant care to make them last

When it comes to decorating your home over the holidays, you have a number of options. Your Christmas tree will be the main attraction while a wreath on your door or a wall in your home will also be a fantastic addition. You can also add a poinsettia plant or two if you want to add colour to other areas of your home. Since plants can be tricky to care for, it’s always good to prepare before you bring poinsettias into your home. Here are some important care tips to keep in mind.

Plant life cycle

The first thing to remember is that a poinsettia plant does not have a particularly long life cycle. You can expect it to last for the duration of the festive season and into the New Year. However, once the weather starts warming up, this plant will start to perish. With a considerable amount of effort, these plants can be encouraged to bloom the following festive season.

Ideal location

Your poinsettia plant needs to be placed in the right location if you want it to last the holidays. Keep the plant away from any sources of heat (fire places, heaters, etc) and away from any windy areas. If you place your plant near a window, make sure that the plant does not touch the cold glass of the window and it should not be excessively exposed to direct sunlight.

Remove packaging

When your poinsettia plant is delivered or when you buy it from your local florist, it will most likely be in a pot wrapped with some kind of decorative paper. Make sure that you remove this wrapping right away and place your plant on a drip tray. This will allow the soil to breathe so that the roots do not rot.

Temperature and water

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your poinsettia plant at the right temperature. They enjoy moderate temperatures so make sure that you do not allow the room to get too hot or the leaves will start to wilt. As for watering, you should water only when the soil starts to dry. You should also allow water to drain away completely before placing your plant back on the drip tray.

With these simple tips, you will get the most out of every poinsettia plant every holiday season. If you are planning on sending one as a gift to a loved one, you might want to make sure that they get a copy of these tips too.