The Roses of Summer

The days of Summer bring back happy childhood memories for many of us. Sunny days in mid July, long nights, playing with friends on thick grassy fields and of course walking down the street and seeing a wild variety of colours and flowers growing in each garden you pass. The nations favourite summer flower has to be the rose. It isn’t only in big manor houses garden landscapes that we see these beautiful flowers. All over the country roses are available in all shapes, sizes and colours and they are at a brilliant value during the summer months.

 The Hybrid tea rose is most commonly associated with flower shop inventions. In todays market you may find hybrid tea roses that you ancestors could only have dreamed about. A particular kind of Hybrid tea rose the Free Spirit has a huge petal count on the top of its stem. This beautiful flower is a combination of oranges, pinks and yellows. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this flower is that the colours resembling a stunning sunset are all wrapped together in one bloom.

 Another beautiful variety of this flower is a newer variety called the Purple Haze which is a silvery lavender coloured bloom and it produces a fresh smelling fragrance. For many years a lavender coloured rose was sought after now its available nearly all year round.

 As well of the two variety of roses I have already mentioned another rose is taking the flower market by storm. The flower is called the Spray Rose. The spray rose can produce multiple blooms on each stem and because of this they are a wonderful value. Spray roses can have any amount of blooms on one stem from three blooms to twelve blooms depending on the flower you buy. You can see the natural progression of the blooming stage on each stem in front of your very eyes. One flower may have been fully bloomed whilst others can be half open or still buds.

The last rose flower I will talk about is the garden rose. These magnificent flowers will have a ruffled styled bloom with a large headed form, each unveiling themselves in a unique way. They each give of a very strong perfume-like fragrance. Some almost look like peonies and each seems to give of its own flower personality.