Fresh flower transport advice

Maybe you have seen a flower vendor truck or two and pondering exactly the way that they figure out how to make so many fresh flower deliveries without the blooms withering or getting damaged. Consider the last time you decided to collect your new bouquet instead of having the flower vendor deliver the blossoms and how your heart skipped a beat each time you hit a knock along the street or took a corner. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to have a generally uneventful drive back home or perhaps your blossoms didn’t all endure the journey. If you want to make sure that your blooms don’t suffer during transport, here are some essential tips.

Transport in water

There are multiple manners by which blossoms can be moved. The strategy you select will depend on the conditions you can offer and whether you have requested loose stems or an organized bouquet. At the point when the blossoms have been painstakingly organized or put in a jar, you should ship them with some water in the vase or container. This is presumably the trickiest piece of all since you wouldn’t want that the water should spill in your vehicle. The best approach is to place next to no water in the vase (barely enough to cover the ends of the stems). You can prop the vase up by placing it in a crate or box with packing materials around it.

Dry packing

On the off chance that you would prefer not to move your fresh flower bouquet in water, you can “dry pack” them. You should guarantee that the blossoms are very much hydrated over night. Then, at that point, you want a waterproof container filled with ice chips. Cover the ice with some waterproof pressing material (like air pocket wrap). Remove the blossoms from the water, dry the stems tenderly with paper towels and spot them inside the holder.

Damp packaging

One more option by which you can ship a fresh flower arrangement and keep them hydrated during the excursion is by folding wet cotton fleece over the lower part of their stems and afterward covering the cotton fleece covered segments with a plastic wrap. Secure the plastic with an elastic band so it doesn’t slip off. You can then lay them cautiously level in a container, place them in an unfilled jar or have somebody hold them while you drive.

No matter what the strategy you pick, it is essential that you keep your new fresh flower bouquet cool while on the way. Make sure that you protect the bouquet from wind and direct sunlight. Keep your heater off or as low as possible and avoid warm or cold air blowing directly on to the arrangement. As soon as they are delivered, make sure that you place them in fresh water immediately.