Sympathy flowers that offer comfort

One of the most difficult things we can go through is the loss of a loved one. You can get a new job and you can buy new material things. You cannot, however, replace somebody you cared about. We all need as much support as possible when we lose somebody special which is why we show our support by sending sympathy flowers. Remember, these bouquets should be sent with nothing but the message card. Unlike occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, you do not want to order balloons or anything with it.

Direct delivery

The one thing that people need after losing a loved one is some space and time to grieve. For this reason, it’s best to have your florist deliver the sympathy flowers directly to their door. While you want to let them know that you care and you are thinking of them, you do not want to impose. If you knock on their door, they will feel obligated to invite you inside and this means that they will feel the need to put on a brave face, serve you something to drink at least and spend time discussing funeral arrangements and other related issues. They may not be ready for all of this and this time is better spent with their family. Your florist can delivery the bouquet to their door and they will also include a card in which you can write your message.

When to arrange the delivery

If you are wondering when the appropriate time is to send sympathy flowers, you can do so as soon as you hear about their loss. There is no rule that says you must send flowers before the funeral. You can still send a bouquet after the memorial. Depending on how close you are with the family, you may like to send a bouquet each year since these milestones can be extremely difficult no matter how many years go by.

The right blooms

Now that you have some of the main concerns addressed, it’s time to consider the best types of sympathy flowers to send. Many people choose to send white or off-white and green bouquets since they represent purity. Of course, you don’t have to stick to white and green. You can help improve the mood of the recipients by sending a brighter bouquet. Colours like orange and yellow can help offer comfort during this time. Remember, no matter the types of flowers you choose or their colour, you should always include a sincere message.

If you need to send sympathy flowers quickly, you should take a look around online. Your online florist will have a special section dedicated to flowers to express your condolences. In addition, they will be able to offer you same day or next day delivery.