Best Flowers in show at Chelsea

A lady of 31 has won the gold prize at the Chelsea flower show for the Telegraph garden. An amazing achievement for a young designer especially since she has never before entered such a huge show. She set her sights high and now it has paid off. She was elated at the result of her entry which was an intricate abstract layout overlaid with flora. It has been described by some as a masterpiece with its textures and subtle planting. It shows that Sarah Price has spent a lot of time studying nature to make for an individual entry.

Some people however find the entry too subtle and some argue they can’t see the attraction in such wilderness. The most interesting point is that of those that have observed the garden some people find it too simple whilst others see it’s more complex side. The two elements this year were limestone and copper for an art and craft décor and for the detailing.

Sarah’s garden has been elegantly maturing throughout the week; we think it would still look lovely if it was left there for months.

We think it’s a great tribute to wild Britain.