What you should know about sympathy flowers

Losing somebody you love is always devastating. No matter the circumstances surrounding this loss, there never is anything that you can do to prepare. Nor is there any way of hurrying through the grieving process. Of course, there are some things you can do to help a friend or loved one cope and get through this difficult time. Sympathy flowers are customary but there are also some basic guidelines regarding etiquette that should always be followed.

The right sympathy flowers

Choosing the right type of flowers is the first thing that you will need to do. Some of the most popular choices include lilies, roses and carnations. While some might like to send fresh flowers, others prefer potted plants such as peace lilies. It will really depend on the recipient. Remember, plants require a certain amount of care. If you know that the recipient is not in a good way, they might not be up to the task. Seeing the plant perish could make them feel worse.

The right colour

Not only is important to choose the right type of flowers, but you also need to consider the colour of the flowers you choose. Different colours have different meanings. For the most part, when it comes to sympathy flowers, white is the top choice. That said, other colours can be sent and it is not considered rude or inconsiderate. Colourful arrangements can help lift their spirits and improve the overall mood in the home. If their loved one had a favourite colour, you could send a bouquet in this colour to honour their memory.

Sending a message

Your sympathy flowers will be delivered along with a message card. It is important that you take the time to write a special and sincere message for the recipient. While generic messages of condolences are acceptable, something more personal will always be appreciated even more. Remember to include your name so that they know who the flowers are from. Unlike birthday flowers or bouquets for other occasions, you should not expect a thank you for your kind gesture but it is important for the recipient to know who the bouquet is from.

Timing your delivery

Sometimes it can take time for news to reach your ears. Sometimes other issues, like finances, prevent you from sending flowers that same day or the next day. If you want to send flowers one or two weeks later, it is still perfectly acceptable and sometimes even more welcome. Just as their first flower deliveries start to perish, there is a knock on their door and a new fresh bouquet arrives to lift their spirits. What could be more comforting? Many people experience a lot of support during the days immediately after their loss of a loved one. As time goes by, people go on with their lives and the grieving family may feel forgotten. Your later delivery of sympathy flowers could come at just the right time.

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