Planning flowers for any event

When you are helping plan an event or you are playing host, you want to make sure that everything is just right! Different types of events call for different kinds of flowers. In addition, the theme of the event will also help determine the colours and styles of the arrangements.

Happy occasions like birthdays call for bright coloured flowers. You can never go wrong by using the favourite colour of the guest of honour! So, for example, if they love pink, then you should order pink flowers. You can ask your florist for a single type of flower in various shades of pink (if possible) or you can order mixed flower bouquets. These arrangements consist of several types of flowers in various shades of a single colour.

Romantic occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day parties call for something like red roses. Even if you don’t only use red roses, your florist will surely have a number of beautiful red flowers to offer. Carnations, various kinds of daisies, and even tulips are perfect for such an occasion.

Not all events are happy. Unfortunately, there are some occasions that are not about celebrating but they require flowers as a symbol of respect and love. Funeral flowers are often thought of as morbid and many people choose plain white arrangements. Don’t limit yourself to this one colour scheme. If you want something more colourful, you can choose a colourful selection instead. Choose the best colour to honour your lost loved one. If they loved purple, for example, you could ask the florist to include purple flowers in the arrangements.

Remember, elegant events will require elegant looking flower arrangements while events with a more casual feel are best decorated with casual looking flower bouquets. In other words, you can set out a few gerbera daisies for a casual event and, for something more sophisticated, you can show off some lovely orchids or even luxury roses.

Don’t forget, it’s not only about the type of event but also the kind of people you’re planning on entertaining. The right flowers can make or break the décor of any event which is why it’s so important to take the time to make the right choice. Whenever in doubt, ask your florist and they will provide you with professional advice.