Short-stemmed flower display ideas

When you order a bouquet of fresh flowers, one or two stems might be damaged. There is no need to throw these pretty blooms away. You can make a wonderful short-stemmed flower display and set it in a small space like your bathroom. If you pick flowers from your garden, you can also pluck some short-stemmed blooms and display them in various areas of your home where larger bouquets will not fit. If you are not sure how to make them look their best, here are some ideas.

Vase size

The first thing you need to consider when displaying a short-stemmed flower arrangement is the size of the vase. The shorter the stems, the shorter the vase needs to be. You want your blooms to peek out the top but not rest on the rim of the vase or it will look rather silly. If you don’t have a short vase, you can always place a vase filler like gems or pebbles inside the vase to create a higher base. The stems will rest on the vase filler which will raise them high enough out the top of the vase.

Fun vase options

If you do not wish to use vase fillers for your short-stemmed flower display, you can always choose something like a cute coffee mug or teacup with a saucer. You should fill the cup or much but do not force too many stems into place or you could end up crushing your blooms. They should create an abundant appearance but not overcrowded.

Recycle and personalise

If you do not wish to sacrifice any of your cups or mugs and you do not have any suitable vases, you should take a look around at less conventional options. Small jars and cans make excellent vases for short-stemmed flower arrangements. All you need to do is conceal the appearance of the jar or can with some paper, fabric or you could even apply gems or other decorative items to the exterior.

These are just a few ideas to help you make the most of every short-stemmed flower you come across. If you have nothing more than a single perfect bloom, you can display it in something small and short like a salt or pepper shaker or even a shot glass.