Welcome spring into your home with these great tips

The weather is finally starting to improve but it might not feel quite like spring just yet. You can make the most of this season by following these tips to welcome spring into your home. It’s all about opening up your home to nature and allowing all that warmth and energy to flow inside.

Let the light shine in

Since the days are longer, you can make the most of all the natural light by leaving your blinds and/or drapes open as much as possible. You may want to keep some closed or partially closed if you have privacy concerns but you can certainly welcome spring by allowing in some of those golden rays. Not only does natural light have a positive effect on your mental state, but it also helps reduce your energy bills.

Fresh fruit displays

You can make the most of local fresh produce by putting it on display in rooms like your living room and kitchen. Welcome spring by choosing locally grown fruit. Not only can you brighten the room with a fresh fruit basket, but you will encourage everyone in your home to pick up a healthy snack once in a while.

Fresh linens

You can also welcome spring by giving various parts of your home a make over. Your bedrooms, for starters, can do with a little bit of a colour change. Even if you stick to the same colour, you can opt for a lighter shade. For example, if you have a purple room, you can use darker shades in the winter and lighter pastels in the spring and summer. It will really lighten the mood of the room.

Splashes of colour

You can also add some splashes of colour for a dramatic effect here and there if you like. Make sure that these bold accents either compliment or contrast the main colour scheme of the room. For example, if you opt for a purple colour scheme, you can add splashes of bright yellow here and there.

Bring in the blooms

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to welcome spring by decorating with fresh blooms! Your florist will have plenty of lovely blooms from which you can choose. For the most part, spring is best represented by pastel colours like lighter shades of pink, purple, yellow and some white too. A good amount of foliage will also go a long way to completing your bouquet. Remember to display this arrangement in the appropriate vase and place it in an area where you spend most of your time or where your guests will definitely get to appreciate it.

With these simple tips, you can welcome spring into your home and really embrace this beautiful and mild time of the year. This is the time to marvel at how resilient nature really is and how, no matter the harshness of winter, the beauty of flowers will always prevail.