Flowers for your home

Flowers are an important decoration in most households. In this article I will have a quick run through of the sort of flowers that could be placed in each room.

Bedroom Flowers:

In your bedroom you need flowers that are welcoming and inviting to give your bedroom a warm and cosy style about it. Tea roses, freesias, peonies, lilac and lilies are all very good choices for a vase that can be placed on your night stand.

Dining Room Flowers:

The dining room is an important part of your home. It is where you have you family meals and where you could be hosting dinner parties for your friends. For an elegant style to your table you could place alternating vases and candles on the table. Fresh flowers can be placed in each vase.

Kitchen Flowers:

The kitchen should be a light and fresh room in your home. By placing a collection of terra cotta pots on your windowsill you can increase the look of pleasantness by a lot. You could place a collection of herbs in the pots to be used for your recipes or sun loving flowers like kalanchoe, African Violets or primroses are all suitable flowers for the kitchen.

Living Room Flowers:

The living room is the family room in the home. It is also the room that you will generally entertain the guests that enter your house. To give a bright and breezy look to your living room you could take your favourite vase or antique piece and place a custom made arrangement of flowers in them.

Entrance Hall Flowers:

You only get one chance to make a first impression and when inviting guests into your house they tend to view the entrance hall first. To impress your guests you could place small vases filled with short stem fresh flowers either side of your door. Another thing you could do is place a large abundant arrangement of flowers in your entrance hall as a focal point to draw the eyes of your guests.

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