Top types of flower vases everyone should have

There are different types of vases and each on serves a different purpose. The smaller the vase, the smaller the flower arrangement. The shape of the vase will also influence the way it’s used. When building up your vase collection, there are a few main designs everyone should have.


A clear vase with a narrow neck and fuller base is known as a classic style vase. The ideal size you’re looking for is about 8 inches tall with the diameter of the top about 4 inches. This vase is perfect for traditional flower arrangements, mixed flower bouquets, and even a large bunch of the same kind of flowers in the same colour (i.e. a bouquet of red roses). When placing flowers in this kind of vase, you can measure the stems by holding the flowers against the length of the vase and cut them accordingly.


These vases are cylindrical in shape and usually made of glass. The larger the vase, the more flowers you will need to fill it. This vase is perfect for modern style arrangements as well as exotic flower displays that include flowers like lilies.


Square-shaped vases are great for mixed flower arrangements. Due to their size and shape, they are best for short flowers. The shape of this vase makes it perfect for that modern style. They are usually quite small so these arrangements can easily be used as part of a table landscape or to decorate side tables and coffee tables or even in the bathroom. You can even line the vase with a Ti leaf and fill it with floral foam if you want to make sure that all of your flowers and foliage stays perfectly in place.


These vases are the smallest of the lot and they always come in handy! When you are presented with a single flower or a cluster of three, your bud vase will be the perfect way of displaying them. They are also great for displaying flowers that are still in perfect shape when the rest of the bouquet has already perished. Keep a few of these handy and look for various sizes. Sometimes flower stems can become damaged and you are forced to cut them short. Instead of discarding the shorter stem, you can place it in a shorter bud vase!


These vases come in all the shapes mentioned above and some extra designs too. They are available in a wide variety of colours and some even have patterns and pictures painted on them. These vases can really help emphasize the theme of the bouquet and enhance its appearance.