Ways you never knew you could wear flowers

Flowers are often thought of as decorations reserved for tables and to brighten up your garden. When it comes to special events like weddings, many people instantly imagine the spectacular arrangements as well as the bride’s bouquet and other floral accents like boutonnieres and corsages. Flowers are commonly worn as part of hair designs as well but there are some even more creative ways of adding floral touches to your wardrobe.

If you plan on wearing a hat, why not spruce it up a bit and emphasize the theme of the event by lining the hat with flowers? If you are worried about overdoing it, you can add a single flower or a small cluster of flowers instead of covering the entire hat.

For those who want to do something really special with their tie, you can add flowers! Pin small flowers to your tie and make sure that you drape them downwards. This way, they will look great for hours and you won’t need to worry about them looking tired after a few hours.

A floral necklace can also be the perfect touch to any outfit. Remember, these are not like regular necklaces. They usually drape gently over the shoulders and, at the front, the two needs need not necessarily meet. You might like to secure the flowers to some kind of flexible frame before securing the arrangement to your outfit. Always use lightweight blooms so that it doesn’t weigh you down.

If you are hosting a casual event and your are wearing a skirt or summer dress, you can create a trail of flowers wrapping around your lower leg. You can even decorate your shoes with flowers here and there, depending on the theme of the event of course.

For those who are tired of the same old, boring glasses, why not give them some extra colour by attaching flowers to the frame? You can decide whether you want to line the entire frame with small flowers or if you just want to add a few here and there.

Never forget the power of hair accessories. Flowers are often slipped into the hair as an accessory but, if you want them to stay in place, you should attach the flowers to a headband or hairpins before securing them in your hair.