Make a cheerful carnation bouquet

Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or even Mother’s Day, flowers are the perfect gift. Fresh flowers can be sent along with an additional gift like chocolates or bubbly or they could stand alone as a grand gift all on their own. If you want to impress somebody with a beautiful carnation flower arrangement, you can with just a few basic supplies.

You will need:

  • Floral foam in the shape of a ball
  • Fresh carnations in the colour or colours of your choice (enough to cover the whole ball)
  • Ribbon in a colour that will suit the flowers
  • A pin or two
  • Sharp scissors
  • Flower preserve


  • Dissolve the flower preserve in clean water.
  • Soak the floral foam ball in this water but make sure that you don’t soak it too long or it will become very heavy and it can break apart.
  • Now you need to wrap the ribbon around the ball from one end to the other. Cross the two ends over one another and then wrap them back up to the starting point. In the end, you will have four equally spaced ribbons running along the ball and a loop at the top.
  • Make sure that you use silk ribbon rather than paper ribbon. Paper will get wet and could easily rip.
  • You can also insert a pin in the base and at the top to hold the ribbon in place.
  • Now trip the stems of the flowers and make sure that you trim them at an angle. Remove lower leaves while you’re at it.
  • Start inserting the flowers along the sides of the ribbon.
  • Now you can fill in the middle sections. Work your way from the outside to the middle until the entire ball is covered and you can no longer see any more foam.
  • Your ribbon might end up partially or even completely concealed but this is also perfectly fine.
  • You can also add some accessories if you like. Some examples include butterfly picks or cute ladybugs.