Give your wine glasses a floral theme

Not only have we enjoyed flowers as part of our home d├ęcor for many years, but we can also see how flowers have influenced other areas of our lives and the way we decorate. Floral themed objects can be found in various stores and there are even plenty of fun floral crafts. Here’s how to turn ordinary wine glasses into gorgeous and practical decorative items with a floral theme.

You will need:

  • Enamel Paint (the kind used on glass)
  • Various paintbrushes
  • Wine glasses (plain and clear)
  • Water for cleaning your brushes
  • Paint palette
  • Old towels or paper towels


  • Choose one or more fresh flowers for your inspiration. You can use real flowers or you can search for images of flowers online.
  • Select the colours you need based on the flowers you have chosen and pour small amounts onto your paint palette. Add some white to your paint pallete in case you want to lighten any of the colours.
  • Paint the centre of the flower around the bottom, exterior part of the glass (the section above the stem). Wait for this paint to dry before you proceed.
  • Now paint the petals with the tips pointing up towards the rim of the glass. Do not cover the entire glass, however. You want to reach somewhere around the mid point of the glass at the most. The base of the petals should overlap the middle of the flower. Wait for this to dry before you continue.
  • Finally, paint the stem and the base of the glass green to represent the flower stem. The base of the stem should cover the other half of the interior of the flower so the green paint will meet the base of your flower petals. Now, let them dry one last time before use.
  • Remember, do one flower at a time. Do not pour all of your colours onto the palette at once. Only pour the colours onto the palette as you need them and only use small amounts to prevent waste.
  • Remember to always hand wash these glasses to preserve their beautiful floral design.