Random Winner Selection For Our 2014 Father’s Day Competition

At Prestige Flowers we love celebrating important occasions by hosting a competition or giveaway.  As you can most probably imagine, the tricky part is choosing a deserving winner.  We also know that by allowing the manual selection of winner the system could quite easily be abused and this would not be in line with the company image we actively strive to uphold.

Win Father's Day Gifts

For these reasons, we have decided that the most responsible way of selecting a winner for this year’s Father’s Day prize would be by using an independent third party system.  Not only does this benefit the participants by offering them a fair and equal chance, but we won’t be placing any of the winner selection responsibility on Prestige Flowers employees.

Using this system also ensures that the winner is selected randomly and no human bias will come into play – whether conscious or subconscious – since the human element has been completely removed from the process.  Whether you were the very first person to enter or the last one to get their entry in before closing, you stand just as much chance of winning!

Just like our competitions in the past and those we intend to hold in the future, we want all of our loyal followers to get excited and enjoy the fun side of the competition.  Only one winner will be selected and we hope that everyone can accept this random result without any feelings of favouritism.

Finally, Prestige Flowers would like to finish off by taking this opportunity to wish all the dedicated dads out there a wonderful Father’s Day and thanks to all those who took part by nominating the father of their choice.  Remember, there will be plenty more competitions to come so watch this space!