Decorate your patio with beautiful autumn style

Autumn is a beautifully colourful season and these three months give us the opportunity to enjoy some of the richest colours nature has to offer. If you want to embrace this season, it’s not only about decorating inside your home. You can take your décor further by brightening up your porch too.

Since you can chrysanthemums to be widely available, this really is the season to make the most of them. Chrysanthemums are excellent cut flowers but they can also be placed in pots on your front porch. Just imagine two large pots filled with blooming chrysanthemums on either side of your front door. When choosing colours, it’s best to opt for warm colours like orange, bronze, or yellow.

Pumpkins are associated with the autumn months but you don’t have to use pumpkins alone. You can use a variety of decorative gourds that are available in various colours, including everything from dark orange to green. These can be placed in a basket on your porch or arranged around the base of your potted plants if you like.

While the traditional colours include orange, yellow, dark red, and deep green, there are some other colours you can use too. Splashes of colours like dark purple can also help create a wonderful contrast. You can even include other colours like brown in autumn displays.

If you have a lot of space, you can add a few stacks of hay. Haystacks are perfect because they are the ideal colour, they add texture, and they include that dry element like that of falling leaves. Pairing haystacks with pumpkins and autumn flowers creates the ideal seasonal display.

Whether or not you have much porch space, you can always add a autumn wreath to your door. Just like the rest of your décor, it’s important to use autumn colours and accessories. You can attach accessories like cinnamon sticks, small pine cones, acorns,and similar items to highlight the theme of your wreath.