New Team GB Bouquet

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our fabulous floral line-up – Team GB! This bouquet is just what any patriot needs during this year’s Rio Olympics. Whether you want to treat yourself to this stunning bouquet or send it to a friend, you are bound to be filled with pride every time you see these perfect petals.

This bouquet consists of red, white, and blue chrysanthemums all carefully arranged by professional Prestige Flowers florists. Each stem is perfectly positioned in order to resemble and represent the Union Jack. Accompanying this bouquet, you will also receive a flag that you can show off with the flowers, display at work, or wave around as you please!

The best part of all is that this bouquet is not only great for those who want to support the national team during the 2016 Rio Olympics. It’s also great for any other international event! Do you have a loved one or friend competing at the Olympics? Why not send this bouquet to their family during this exciting yet somewhat stressful time? It’s not only tough on the athletes but also on their families back home and everyone could use some extra support during this time.

If you are hosting an Olympics party or planning on getting a group of your closest friends and family together for the closing ceremony, why not decorate your home with these flowers? When your guests arrive, they will be delighted by the patriotic arrangements and, if you like, you could give some of these bouquets away to those guests who stick around the longest. Alternatively, you could have your own little Olympic “event” and get everyone to compete for the chance to win a bouquet. The Olympics are not just for the competitors. They are just as important for the supporters and there’s plenty of fun to be had!