Flower cups at tea parties

When I hear the word tea party, I personally think about girls dressing up to sit around drinking tea, talking about  gossip. Now however tea parties can be turned into a colourful and dazzling event if you include flower cups at your party.

Life has become busy and hectic and this is now the norm. Many many want to slow life down and have a little get together on a warm afternoon with family and friends. Tea parties are easily arranged. Invite round a few friends, make some sandwiches or nibbles, you can even have a go at baking some cakes, just don’t forget the teapot.

If you have a few antique cups left to you by a relative or perhaps you bought them at a store and they are collecting dust sat in the cupboard then whip them out, wipe them down and transform into some dazzling flower cups. You can look at the style of a cup to decide which flowers will look the best with it. Maybe there is a history behind the cup that you could investigate and create a theme, notice the colours and style of the cup, is there a flower already printed on the cup?

Creating the flower cup is easy enough all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a favourite teacup of yours, preferably with a matching saucer.

  2. Notice the patterns and colours of the cup to decide which flowers will suit it best.

  3. Fill up your selected cup halfway with a mixture of water and floral food.

  4. You can begin your design by cutting one flower at a time and placing them in the cup so they extend just above the rim of the cup.

  5. When adding each flower make sure a grid is created by the crossed stems.

  6. Once the rim of the cup is full of flowers, start a second row where the flowers are in a more upright position.

  7. You can finish the design by placing any leftover flowers in any hole created by the flowers already in the cup.

  8. Place a couple of stems of ivy in the cup to give it that greeny look.

  9. Then place the tea cup on the saucer and place on the table you will be using for the tea party.

Flower cups can generally be used for any other party you may be planning to have and are a beautiful decoration to place in your home.