Autumn flower bouquets you can make yourself

If you have never arranged fresh flowers yourself, you can certainly give it a go this season. Creating your very own autumn flower arrangement is easier than many may think. The key is to always keep your designs simple. This way they will be simple and this will underline their beauty.


An autumn flower arrangement can take on a number of different themes. You could opt for something simple yet elegant, colourful and rich or you could choose a fun display in time for Halloween. It’s important to choose your theme first. This will help you select all the rest of the elements. Including the types of flowers you wish to use, the colours, textures and even your vase.


When it comes to the right colours for an autumn flower bouquet, there are a number of traditional choices. These include red, orange and yellow. Of course, you can also add accents like plum, off-white, brown and even black. You should not include all of these colours in a single bouquet, however. Instead, you should focus on two or three colours with possibly an accent colour here and there.


Contrasting textures are also important in autumn flower arrangements. While you should include some smooth textures such as that of rose petals, you should also include something like chrysanthemums, wheat or even feathers. Just like your colours, you shouldn’t add too many different textures, you should limit it to two or three.


Next, you will need to choose the perfect holder for your autumn flower arrangement. A fun option is to use a spooky skull or a pumpkin with a Halloween design to hold your blooms. If you want something a bit more elegant, you can use a ceramic or clear glass vase. Pumpkins can help you create a friendly environment. If you don’t want it to seem too much like Halloween, you can keep the pumpkin plain and simple.

With these autumn flower arrangement ideas in mind, you will find it that much easier to spruce up any space in your home and even your office. You can use these tips to create your own arrangements in various sizes to suit any room, no matter how big or small.