Wall baskets for Christmas

When it comes to the holiday season, your home might fill up with all sorts of Christmas decorations. Whether you have a spacious home or something a bit more cosy, compact décor offers some great advantages. Wall baskets filled with flowers are an excellent alternative to placing bouquets on tables. So, instead of having flowers take up any space, you can place other goodies (like snacks or candles) on your tables. Wall baskets are designed to be attached to walls and they add style without taking up much space at all. For these displays, you can choose between fresh flowers, artificial flowers, and even dried flowers. Your choice will depend on personal style preferences.

These wall baskets can be filled with all sorts of flowers. You can even leave your wall basket on display throughout the year if you choose the right flowers. During the festive season, you can add some Christmas accessories and simply remove them once the holidays are over. If you plan on using fresh flowers, you will need to place a waterproof container in the basket. Soak some floral foam in water and place it inside the waterproof container. This will protect the basket from water damage and keep your fresh flowers hydrated.

Remember to always consider the style and décor of your home when choosing the flowers for you wall baskets. Country style homes are often best decorated with daisy-like flowers whereas a more modern and luxurious home is better suited for roses and lilies. If you want a truly flexible arrangement, you can use white flowers or red flowers with foliage and add accents for the festive season. For example, if you choose red flowers with foliage, you can add white accessories.