Flowers for a gender neutral baby shower

While most couples like to find out whether they will be having a boy or girl, there are still some who prefer the idea of a surprise. When hosting a baby shower and you are not sure whether the parents-to-be are expecting a boy or a girl, you will need to keep the theme gender neutral. The good news is that there are plenty of fantastic flower options for this occasion!


Bright yellow blooms are the floral image of joy which makes them perfect for this event. Think about sunflowers, daisies and similar flowers available in yellow. Add just a touch of foliage to balance everything out and make sure that you add yellow accents like balloons, ribbons and other decorations to complete this theme.


Orange is a wonderful warm colour and these blooms can even be paired with yellow flowers for a warm and happy atmosphere. If you do use more than one colour, you should include both colours in the rest of your decorations.


When you think of green in flower arrangements, you most likely imagine foliage. There are also green flowers from which to choose and they can make an excellent display all on their own. Hydrangeas sometimes have a tinge of green and there are also green carnations and chrysanthemums. Ask your florist for their green flower suggestions.


If you prefer pastel shades, you could always opt for peach. It’s a subtle colour that will not overpower the room and there are plenty of peach decorations that you could use to complete this colour scheme.


White flowers are wonderfully versatile. While you might not want to use only white flowers, you should always consider adding them to your baby shower bouquets. The best thing about white flowers is that they can be paired with any other colour! They help the colourful blooms stand out and they prevent the colours from becoming too overpowering.

These colours are not only great for the d├ęcor. They are also excellent when it comes to gifts. If you are not sure what to buy for the baby, you can always choose colours like yellow, turquoise, green, brown and white.