Rose water uses you may not know

Roses are not only lovely to grow in your garden and display in vases, they can also be used to make something called rose water. This infusion has a number of interesting uses both in the kitchen and in your daily bath and beauty routine. Here are some of the main uses that will change the way you perceive these flowers.

Natural sweetener

Roses are one of the many edible flowers in the world. Rose water is, therefore, a popular ingredient in various kitchens around the world. It is often used as a natural sweetener by the Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. It can be added to various dishes to give them an interesting new flavour. Rice pudding, cakes and scones are just a few examples that can do with the addition of a special, secret ingredient!

Relaxing bath

After a long day, there is nothing better than taking a soothing soak. It’s important that you create the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom and add the right oils and infusions to the tub. Once you have run the water, you can add some essential oils and rose water. You can also add some rose petals and light some candles to place around the bath. Turn on your favourite relaxing music, dim the lights and rely on candlelight instead. You can even pour yourself a glass of wine or champagne if this is something you enjoy. When you are done, you will feel truly pampered.

Skin products

When shopping for bath and body products, you will notice that a number of them are rose scented. This is because of the pleasant scent as well as the toning benefits of rose water. Combine it with witch hazel and apply to your clean face. You will feel the effects and smell amazing all at the same time.

Rose water can be found for sale in various shops. Of course, if you cannot find any but you have roses growing in your garden, you can make your own. You might enjoy making a larger batch and splitting it up into smaller bottles so that you can share it with your friends, neighbours and loved ones. You can decorate each bottle with a ribbon and the picture of a rose, for example, so that everyone knows what’s inside. You can send this homemade gift for any occasion and in between occasions too.