Fan-shaped flower displays

Fan vases are the key element when it comes to creating fan-shaped flower arrangements. These vases make it easy to assemble the bouquet and they are beautiful too. These types of arrangements can be used in just about any room and they make excellent gifts too. Here’s how to make your very own fan-shaped design.

What you need:


  • Begin by dissolving your floral preservative in some clean water.
  • When dissolved, you can add it into the vase.
  • Trim the stems of your foliage and arrange it the along the back of your vase.
  • The leaves need to be arranged symmetrically and each hole in the vase must have one stem of foliage.
  • Prepare your flowers by removing the lower leaves. Trim the stems so that your flowers are shorter than the leaves behind them.
  • You can add some more flowers in front of the first row of flowers. They should be the shortest of all.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any open spaces when you are done.

The main advantage of this type of vase is the fact that you do not need any floral wire or picks to hold your flowers and foliage in place. Fan-shaped vases are perfect for fresh and artificial flowers alike. They also don’t require too many flowers or foliage. In fact, less is more because too much will create a cluttered appearance.