Your Guide for making Potpourri

Summer is in full swing here in the UK, and there are hundreds of different flowers blooming and growing in this season,  and as much as we’d like it too, unfortunately though, summer doesn’t last forever, and flowers ultimately die in autumn ( if they are summer blooming flowers) , this doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your flowers that you’ve worked so hard to grow forever. So, why not give your flowers an after-life , and make your own Pot-pourri using your own flowers? Please continue reading our guide on how to make your very own pot-pourri!

Making pot-pourri is generally easy, with the only difficult factor being the patience required to make it, follow these steps to make your pot-pourri:

1. Collect as many petals and leaves of flowers you deem fit, (make sure they aren’t too    dried up, freshly dropped petals and leaves are ideal) ,  remember to use a lot of them t         hough, as dried flowers and leaves shrink and crumble ,  flowers that make great pot-pourri      are ; roses, daisies, sunflowers (mostly for decoration) , tulips and chrysanthemums,     speaking from experience, I find these flowers’ different scents create a beautiful, yet not too  pungent scent. Also, it may be a good idea to get some additional material to add to your mixture if you find the scent from your flowers isn’t enough, examples could be dried bark, or dried, crushed cinnamon.

2.Place all the flower material you want to use on a flat surface that is subject to warmth, such as placing on a window sill in full sunlight, to allow the petals and leaves you have chosen to dry more. Check frequently, it should only take a few days for the petals and leaves to dry adequately enough to move onto the next stage.

3.Place all of the dried flower material into a mixing bowl along with any extras like the crushed cinnamon or dried bark, along with no less than three scented flower oils, such as rose oil for example, at a rate of, 12 drops of the most dominant scent, 6 drops of the secondary oil of your choice, and 3 drops of the third. Mix thoroughly and then allow to sit and absorb into the mixture for 5 minutes.

4.Equally distribute the mixture into glass jars with seal-able tops, close the top , shake lightly, and then wait for a few days. Every few days keep checking, and after a couple of weeks, your pot-pourri will be ready!

5.Find a suitable display try to place your pot-pourri on, and you will have sweet smelling, flowery fragrances filling your home for a few months, which will make you feel like summer hasn’t stopped in your home!