Panetone colours for 2021 and floral inspiration

Each year we get to enjoy new colours and colour combinations. This year, the panetone colours are Sunny Yellow and Moody Grey. Not only do these colours add style all on their own, but they also pair very well together. They create a lovely colour contrast that can be enjoyed in any area of your home. Here are some ways in which you can use them in your floral designs.

Yellow flowers

The easier of the two panetone colours for 2021 to use is Sunny Yellow. There are a number of flowers available in yellow. These include roses, tulips, carnations, different types of daisies and sunflowers. The good news is that different yellow blooms are available throughout the year. Yellow blooms are available in bolder shades of yellow as well as pastels. Pastels are better suited for the spring season while bolder colours are popular during the summer months. The shades you need will usually determine the types of blooms you choose.

Grey elements

There are a number of ways in which you can add a touch of grey to your panetone bouquet. One of the best ways is by including foliage with a greyish hue. One popular example is silver dollar eucalyptus. You can also insert accessories like sticks that have been painted grey. A grey vase will also do the trick. Ribbons can also be wrapped around handheld bouquets if you would like to present it as a gift. You can use two ribbons – one yellow and one grey – to create the perfect finishing touch.

The panetone colours for this year are soothing and elegant. You can display them in any room in your home, including your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Of course, the larger the room, the larger your bouquet should be. In smaller areas, like bathrooms and entrance halls, you can place smaller bouquets or even bud arrangements.