Creative table numbering ideas

Numbering each table at your wedding, or any other event, is the most effective way of letting your guests know where they are seated. Of course, placing a large number in the middle of each table is not only unsightly, but it can also go unnoticed. You want something that will stand out – but for all the right reasons!

If you are hosting a rustic themed event, then you might like the idea of embossed wood numbers. You could even use pieces of wood and attach gold or bronze coloured numbers to them if you prefer. This is particularly easy and you won’t need a lot of time or expensive supplies. Simply buy several pieces of wood, the numbers you need, and get your glue gun ready! Lean the number up against a rustic or country style flower arrangement and you’re all set! Another idea for rustic themes is to place a potted plant in the middle of the table and add a garden pick with the number on it. These are great since you can make them double-sided if you like.

For something a bit more on the glamorous side, you should use pastel coloured flower arrangements and complement them with gold coloured table numbers. You can do this in a number of ways like stacking a couple of gold covered books beside the bouquet accompanied with one upright gold book with the number printed on the cover in silver or white. For something that requires less space, you could buy placecard holders and set out white cards with gold numbering at each table.

If you have a taller flower arrangement and the vase or container is clearly visible, you can make the most of this space by attaching the number to the vase. Just make sure that the colour of the vase will not obscure the visibility of the number. In other words, the colours should create a contrast to ensure that your guests can easily find their table.

No matter how you choose to number your tables, remember that they should be visible but they should not be the main attraction. Your flowers or tablescape should catch the eye first and should be more prominent. The numbers are there as a guide for guests and, while you want them to look good, they should not steal the show.