Flowers that can survive through Winter

Even though its still mid summer,many of our gardens are flourishing even with the lack of sunshine, but gardeners now are starting to plan there garden theme for next year and which flowers they will need to buy which can survive the harsh winter months.

Many of our garden flowers only survive for one season and these are called annuals. Some flowers however are perennials and are plants that will survive in the ground over winter and will come back year after year to carry on blooming.

In this article I am going to run through some of the most common flowers selected by gardeners which can survive the harsh winter conditions.


Tulips are bulb plants, meaning they store their life cycle in an underground structure. Tulips are available in nearly every colour and are shaped like cups. They flower in mid spring and can reproduce on their own when their bulbs divide under the ground.


Chrysanthemums are multi-petalled round flowers that come in colours such as yellow, white, red, orange and lavender. They come out to bloom in the Autumn. As it grows the chrysanthemum can be cut up to create new flowers.

Black-Eyed Susans:

Black-Eyed Susans flower in the late summer and are a very popular flower for your gardens at home. They are shaped like daisies and are well known for their bright, yellow petals and darkened centres.


Violets flower early in the Spring and are considered a delicate flower because of their size. The white and purple violet can last a long time. Violets generally flower in home gardens but they are spread easily across field or other areas of open grass.


Check whether the perennials you have picked grow well in the climate where you live. They do bloom year after year but some perennials lives can be short lived and may only last a few weeks. Select different perennials that in turn bloom in the spring, summer and autumn to give your garden colours all year round.