Silk flowers and why they make excellent gifts

When shopping for a flower gift, you may come across silk bouquets and arrangements. While some might believe that silk flowers are in some way inferior to fresh blooms, many people have come to realise just how many benefits they have to offer. Here are some reasons why you should consider these floral gifts.

Look like the real thing

Whether you are comparing product images online or shopping at a flower shop, you will notice that silk flowers today look just like the real thing! It’s so easy to mistake silk blooms for fresh ones because they are made with better quality materials and with greater attention to detail. Yes, there are some very cheap and artificial-looking flowers out there. These are usually found in craft stores or thrift shops as opposed to reputable florists.

Long-lasting beauty

It should go without saying that silk flowers outlast any fresh cut stem. They don’t need water to survive and they don’t need any special care. The only thing you will need to do on occasion is dust the petals and leaves. One easy way of spotting artificial flowers is by looking for dust! So, if you dust yours regularly, nobody will ever know!

Say no to allergies

If you or the recipient of your flowers suffers from allergies, silk flowers are the best gift to give. You will allow them to enjoy the beauty of these blooms without worrying about sneezing, itchy eyes and all those common allergy symptoms.

Perfect for all occasions

Like fresh blooms, silk flowers are perfect for all occasions. So, whether you want to treat somebody on their birthday, say thank you, wish them luck or celebrate any other important event, you should definitely browse silk blooms!

Since silk flowers can vary in appearance and quality based on the the vendor, make sure that you only buy these blooms from a reputable source. Yes, it may cost more in the beginning, but you will get to enjoy your arrangement for years rather than weeks!