Preparing to renew your vows

When we think about marriage and weddings, we often think of it as one special day. The truth is that many couples choose to renew their vows after a few years or even decades of marriage. It’s a time for reflection, celebration, and to rekindle all those memories and reconnect with your spouse.

There’s a lot of planning that goes ito your vow renewal ceremony. It really is a lot like a second wedding. You will need to choose a venue, hire a caterer, and co-ordinate the décor. This means that you need to choose a colour scheme as well as your flowers

When it comes to choosing your vow renewal flowers, some couples like to recreate the memories of their wedding by choosing the same colour and blooms. This is fairly easy today since we have wedding photos we can give to our florists in order to help them create replicas.

On the other hand, some people prefer to opt for something completely new and a colour that represents their maturity as a couple and as individuals. Not to mention the strength of their love, dedication, and devotion to one another.

If you are planning to renew your vows on your wedding anniversary, this could be particularly special because there are special colours and flowers associated with different years of marriage! So, you could decorate your ceremony and reception with the flowers that represent your anniversary. You could even combine this idea with the original flower arrangement idea if you like. For example, you could have the florist recreate the same arrangements but using different colours. So, instead of using a partcular colour rose, they could still use roses but in another colour.

Another lovely touch is to add photos of your wedding day to the reception décor. You can add a large photo near the buffet table, for example, and smaller photos to each table. Mix it up a little and have fun with these photos! If you have any guests at your vow renewal who were at your wedding, you could surprise them with a photo of themselves at your wedding too! Place their picture on their place setting and you’re bound to hear plenty of chatter.

Remember, you will want to capture every moment of this special occasion so do take the time to hire a photographer and have somebody film this wonderful event!