Valentine’s Day blooms and how to arrange them

When you shop around for Valentine’s Day blooms, you will notice a number of amazing bouquets designed by professional florists. Of course, if you want to create something special all by yourself, you will only need a few supplies. Here are some easy steps you can follow to create a superb bouquet for the one you love.

You will need:

  • A selection of Valentine’s Day blooms (focal flowers, mass flowers and fillers)
  • Foliage that will suit the flowers you have selected
  • A simple vase to allow your blooms to stand out
  • Decorative ribbon to suit the colours of the arrangement
  • Optional extras like a flower pick with a heart


  • When selecting Valentine’s Day blooms, you want to make sure that you choose your vase at the same time. The longer the stems, the taller the vase will need to be.
  • Some of the most popular focal flowers include red roses, red carnations or oriental lilies.
  • Some lovely mass flowers include asters and other small daisy-like blooms.
  • Filler ideas include both foliage and small flowers like baby’s breath.
  • As for colours, red and pink are the most romantic of all but you can also add a plash of white if you wish.
  • Remember to trim each stem as you go and do so at an angle so that they do not rest flat on the base of the vase.
  • Start your design by adding water to your vase and adding a rim of greenery.
  • Once you have done this, add some mass and filler flowers around the vase.
  • Next, you can add some focal flowers with mass and fillers in between to complete the display.
  • Remember that you should constantly turn your arrangement so that you create an even appearance.
  • Wrap a pretty bow around the vase to add some more colour to your display.
  • Next, you can add a flower pick if you wish.

All that is left to do now is to present these Valentine’s Day blooms to your partner or spouse. You can also present them with some delicious, luxury chocolates or even a cute teddy bear that they can keep for years to come.