Fresh tulips to spruce up your table

There is nothing quite like a beautiful bouquet of fresh tulips to spruce up your home this spring. Their wonderful colours and unique shape will certainly fill the room with joy. You can create bouquets as large or as small as you like. Depending on where you want to display your blooms, you will need to choose the right holders, containers or vases.

Mason jars

When choosing vases for your fresh tulips, you can opt for something as sophisticated or simple as you like. Mason jars are easy to get your hands on if you don’t have any hidden in the back of a cupboard already. These jars are clear so you can decorate them with some ribbons or different vase fillers if you like. Add a few tulip stems and you are all set.

Napkin holders

If you are entertaining guests this season, you can place fresh tulips on every place setting. To do this, all you need are some pretty white napkins, plain napkin rings and one pretty tulip for each setting. You may want to alternate with different colours for a truly festive look. Once you have slid the napkin inside the ring, add the fresh tulip. Remember, you want to do this at the last minute, just before your guests arrive. You can also place a slender vase at each place setting with some water so that your guests can remove the flower and put it in water while they enjoy their meal.


A tablescape consists of several arrangements along the centre of the table. You may also find some other decorative items in between as well, depending on the theme. You can create some fantastic arrangements using fresh tulips of various colours and scatter petals between the vases, for example.

Different themes

Remember, the vase you choose will help dictate the theme. A ceramic vase with lots of detail can help you give your table that Victorian style. A metallic vase will lean more towards a rustic theme. Clear glass vases or those in sold colours are more on the modern side. Take into account the rest of your d├ęcor as well as the event you are catering before choosing a vase. Remember, if you are using fresh tulips to create a centrepiece, you should ensure that the arrangement is not too tall or your guests will have a tough time seeing and talking to one another.

These are just a few basic ideas on how to use fresh tulips to spruce up your table this season. There are no right or wrong colours. If you are ever in doubt, remember that a mixed bouquet will always be well received.