Christmas flowers for the winter season

If you want to decorate your home for the winter season but not limit yourself to festive décor, there are plenty of amazing Christmas flowers from which you can choose. The key is understanding the difference between a winter and a Christmas theme. Here are some helpful hints for choosing the best winter flower arrangements.

Winter accessories

Flower arrangements do not consist solely of blooms and foliage. Accessories play an important role in defining the theme of the bouquet. A bouquet of Christmas flowers could include accessories in colours like red, white, dark green, gold or even silver. However, if you want to create a winter arrangement, you should opt for silver or white accessories instead. Something like painted sticks, for example, can make a lovely addition to a pure white bouquet.

Colour choices

As mentioned above, red, white and green are the popular festive trio. However, Christmas flowers will usually remain fresh well after Christmas Day which means that you may want to use them to decorate your New Year’s Eve dinner table too. If you have them delivered just before Christmas, this is certainly a possibility. Of course, in this case, you might want to opt for a plain white or blue and white bouquet with some silver accessories if you want a bit of sparkle.

Versatile décor

Your home décor is not limited to your Christmas flowers. You should also take note of any other decorative items you have in your home. While a nativity set is great for Christmas, it will appear out of place a week into the New Year. Instead, you can decorate with other winter ornaments like perhaps a scene with a house or houses in the winter – lit up with some LED lights. Other winter-themed ornaments like polar bears and penguins are also lovely.

Additional lights

In the winter months, you will notice that the days will be shorter and you might be finding ways of adding some more ambient light to your home. You can do this by adding some LED lights to your bouquet of Christmas flowers. They can be inserted in vases if you are displaying silk flowers, for instance. You can also use these kinds of lights instead of candles on your dinner table. They are just as effective as real candles yet they are so much safer.

Both fresh Christmas flowers and potted plants are lovely for this time of year. So, when you place your order for the holidays, you might want to consider options that will suit the winter season rather than the Christmas theme.