Fresh flower advice – how to transport blooms in winter

When you purchase a fresh flower bouquet, it is important to remember some essential guidelines in terms of proper transportation. While cut flowers can be quite resilient, they do need a certain amount of care in order to ensure that the blooms are not damaged as you make your way to surprise somebody special. Here are some important transportation tips to keep your blooms safe in the winter.

Proper support

The first thing you want to do when placing your fresh flower bouquet in your vehicle is that you need to provide adequate support. If you are lucky enough to have a helper ride along with you, they can have them hold the bouquet for the duration of your trip. If you do not have anyone traveling with you or if the drive is particularly long, you should place your bouquet in a box or crate with some packing materials around it to ensure it does not topple over.

Care with water

When transporting fresh flowers, you will need to place them in some water but this does not mean that you need to fill the vase to the brim. You should add just enough water to cover the bottom of the stems. The recipient can always add more water as soon as the bouquet is delivered.

Temperature control

While it might be tempting to turn up the heat in your car, you should not allow your car to get too hot. Excessive heat can cause your blooms to wilt. Similarly, you should not place your fresh flowers anywhere near the vents of your vehicle since this will push warm air directly over your blooms which will have the same effect as excessive heat.

Direct sunlight

Even though the sun is not all that strong in the winter months, it can still cause a fair amount of damage to your fresh flowers. Make sure that you place your flowers in the perfect spot to keep them out of the sun.

Cold windows

Keep your bouquet far enough away from your car windows. The cold air outside can make your windows very cold. If your blooms come in contact with the ice cold window, it can be a shock to your blooms which can cause them to perish prematurely.

With all of these practical fresh flower transportation tips, you will ensure that your beautiful bouquet arrives just as it should no matter the distance you need to travel. Of course, if you have a loved one who lives really far away, you can always have your florist deliver on your behalf.